Organic Poultry Producers-- Keeping Avian Influenza out of Iowa Organic Flocks

Most of the outbreaks for Avian Flu in Iowa have occurred in areas far away from the majority of Iowa's organic poultry production. However, producers should be aware of basic biosecurity measures to employ on their farms to make sure they maintain healthy flocks this year as the risk is higher with so many large Iowa poultry facilities struck by H5N2.   IOA has put together a list of resources for organic poultry producers as well as this fun video, which reminds both the organic and backyard poultry producer what signs to look for in birds experiencing avian influenza.

usdachickenflu.jpg USDA Video on Signs of Healthy & Sick Chickens



Biosecurity Guide for Poultry and Bird Owners (USDA APHIS)

Biosecurity for Birds: Avian Influenza (one-page poster in both English and Spanish)

Avian Influenza Findings Emphasize the Need for Good Biosecurity (USDA APHIS 2-pager)

NOP Policy Memorandum on Confinement of Poultry Flocks Due to Avian Influenza, or Other Infectious Diseases (2011)

IDALS Avian Influenza Updates (2015)

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