2015 Organic Cost Share-IOWA

Submit Organic Cost-Share Materials by November 6, 2015!   

Reimbursable certification costs must have been paid by September 30, 2015!

September 30, 2015 is the last date to make payments to be claimed in the 2015 Organic Certification Cost Share Program.  If you have not yet been billed for fees you expect to pay yet this fall, contact your certifier to see if payment arrangements can be made before the 30th. 

At this time only 10% of the $418,000 allocated to Iowa for this program has been distributed.   Please submit your claim to IDALS as soon as possible to receive a timely payment.   This is a great program for certified organic farmers--if we don't use it, we lose it! 


Applicants are eligible for 75% reimbursement of eligible certification-related costs.  Cost share is limited to $750/per scope.  There are four certification scopes:  crops, wild crops, livestock and processing/handling.   

The deadline to apply for the current Organic Certification Cost-Share Program is November 6, 2015.  

Eligible cost share fees PAID between 10/1/14 and 9/30/15 are valid for the current cost-share period. 

Your certifier may have agreed to provide supporting documentation for you.  If you are certified by one of the following certifiers, you do not need to submit paid receipts or certificates at this time:  CCOF, ICS, IDALS, MOSA, OneCert, QCS.   IF you are NOT certified by a cooperating certifier, you need to request from your certifier copies of all paid receipts (marked paid) for which you are applying for cost-share and provide a copy of your most recent organic certificate. 

Complete 2 forms to submit to IDALS:

1.  Application:  Due Nov. 6

2.  W9

Scan & email them to: [email protected]

Fax them to 515-281-6178, or

Mail them to:  Tammy Stotts,  IDALS - Organic Certification,  502 E 9th Street,  Des Moines, IA 50319

Questions?  Contact:  Tammy Stotts at:  515-281-7657

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