ATTRA Webinar: Soil Health Principles—Application and Results of Investing in Your Soils

Hear from farmers Paul Kaiser and Ward Burroughs how they invest in their soils by applying the 5 principles of healthy soil management on their farms. Two very different farms growing different crops in different locations show how these principles are applied at different scales. NCAT’s Rex Dufour will introduce the topic, providing context about how we got to where we are with respect to soil health, and the urgent need for all farmers to become more conscious about managing for soil health—an investment with very high returns. At Singing Frogs Farm, Elizabeth and Paul’s method of farming diversified crops on 3 acres In Sonoma has resulted in an increase of over 300% in their soil organic matter, while drastically reducing their water use, and generates over $100,000 per acre in sales. Their methods have decreased fertility inputs and water useage, and maximized yields while improving the ecological health of their land. Ward Burroughs of Burroughs Family Farms is a much larger operation, and he and Rosie have been farming for decades. Ward will discuss how he applies these principles to large acreages of almonds in the San Joaquin Valley, and his observations of the results, as well as his family’s approach to farming and investing in their soils.

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June 23, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm