Holistic Management Training in Mitchell SD

Ralph Tate and Randy Holmquist, Certified Holistic Management Educators, will be offering a Holistic Management workshop in Mitchell, South Dakota January 25-30th, 2021. Program and registration is attached.

Please contact Randy Holmquist, [email protected], for accommodation information and either Ralph Tate, [email protected],or Randy for additional details.

Bob Shields will be handling registrations and will be happy to respond to any questions: [email protected], (308) 379-1361.


WHAT: You are invited to join Randy Holmquist & Ralph Tate for six days IN PERSON; exploring the depths of Holistic Management, to understand how it can revolutionize your farm/ranch operations.

The first two days are spent understanding the fundamentals of Holistic Management, with time to write, review or revise your holisticgoal (worksheet included). The second two days focus on financial planning (software included), helping you develop a financial plan that works for you!  The final two days focus on grazing planning (software available at a discount), helping you develop a grazing plan for your operation that you can put into practice in 2021.  These are designed to be fun and interactive sessions, so nobody gets left out and everyone gets their questions answered!!  This week is a perfect opportunity to re-energize the most important resource on your farm/ranch – You!


Blarney's Sportsbar & Grill
2100 Highland Way
Mitchell, SD  57301








Holistic Management Immersion Workshop

25 – 30 January 2021

$750.00; Includes HM Handbook and Financial Software

$100.00 by Monday,

January 11, 2021

Family has a special place in Holistic Management, so there is a special discount for spouses and family members!  Members of your immediate family or farm/ranch employees can participate for the entire week for an additional $300.00 each.

Maybe it has been a while since you have taken a Holistic Management class and you just want a refresher.  Good news!  If you have taken any one of these courses from either Randy or Ralph before, there are special discounts for you as well!  If you can’t attend the whole week, come for the sessions that you can!

NOTE:       A minimum enrollment number will be required to cover basic expenses. Registration discounts may be available after minimum enrollment is reached.

NOTE:       Workshop will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude by 5:00 PM each day. Lunch, break food and drinks for each day are included.


Holistic management decision making concepts were developed by while reducing operating costs. If you are interested in revolutionizing your production systems and enhancing your life, this is for you Alan Savory and have been practiced and proven worldwide. Proper application of HM principles will enhance the health of your land and increase productivity!


Randy Holmquist is a Certified Holistic Management Educator and 3rd generation grazier in South Dakota.

Ralph Tate is a Certified Holistic Management Educator and grazier. Ralph transitioned the Holistic Management Grazing Plan into a software program to make it easier to use.  The software has been purchased by farmers/ranchers from 35 states and 15 countries on 6 continents.


January 25, 2021 at 6:00pm - January 30, 2021