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Food as Medicine, A Systems Perspective with Dr. Andy Nish – Tue, Jan 11th (Jan 2022)


IOA 2021 Annual Meeting - Thurs, Dec 9 (Nov 2021)

No Spray Field Signs for Sale (Sep 2021)

Webinar: Avé Organics New Fertilizer Options - Wed, Sep 1 (Aug 2021)

Dakota City Organic Elevator Site Visit & Luncheon - Wed, Aug 18 @ 11 a.m. (Aug 2021)

IOA Webinar: Developing a Meat Co-op - Wed, July 22 (July 2021)

IOA Webinar: The Past, Present and the Future of Agriculture: From the Dawn of Agriculture to the Present Day - Tues, June 22 (May 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Capital and Collaboration - Putting Farmers First in the Transition to Organic Agriculture, Tues, May 25 (May 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Protect your Crops from Pesticide Damage with DRIFTWATCH - Tues, May 11 (Apr 2021)

IOA Webinar: Planning Carcass Use as Part of Direct Marketing - Tues, May 8 (Apr 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Improving Water Quality through Organic Production with Dr. Delate - Wed, April 12 (Mar 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Organic as a Climate Solution with Paul Mugge, organic farmer - Tues, April 13 (Mar 2021)

ACTION ALERT: Contact your legislator to help expand small and mid-size meat processing in Iowa (Mar 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Organic farming and the 2020 western IA drought (Feb 2021)

"Spotlight on Organics" Webinar: Seedling starts, tips and tricks from an organic vegetable farmer (Feb 2021)

IOA Webinar: Crop Insurance options for organic operations (Feb 2021)

IOA Webinar: Growing Organic Expertise - January and Feb 2021 Workshops (Jan 2021)


Growing Stronger Together: A Collaborative Conference on Organic and Sustainable Farming (Dec 2020)

MOSES ORGANIC BROADCASTER: Demand for organic pork creates opportunity for producers plus processors (Dec 2020)

IOA 2020 Annual Meeting - Tues, Dec 1 (Nov 2020)

2019 USDA Organic Survey Results:  Iowa farming gets greener as demand for organic...grows (Oct 2020)

IOA Webinar: Bryce Irlbeck, An organic transition experience - Mon, Nov 10 @ Noon (Oct 2020)

Take Action >> Help inform the National Organic Program! (Sep 2020)

Welcome Olga Reding! IOA's New Organic Field Coordinator (Sep 2020)

Action Alert: Restore Organic Certification Cost Share Funding Levels (Aug 2020)

Derecho Resources (July 2020)

IOA is Hiring a Field Coordinator (June 2020) 

PFI Virtual Field Day: Live Roller-Crimper and Weed Zapper Demo (Part 2) - Thurs, July 2 @ 1:30 p.m. (May 2020)

PFI Virtual Field Day:  Approaching Oats as a Cash Crop - Wed, July 1 @ 1 p.m. (May 2020)

PFI Virtual Field Day:  Flame Weeding and Crop Rotation for Weed Control - Tues, June 30 @ 10 a.m. (May 2020)

PFI Virtual Field Day: Early Season Organic Weed Control - Thurs, June 25 @ 7:30 p.m. (May 2020)

PFI Virtual Field Day: Live Roller-Crimper and Weed Zapper Demonstration (part 1) - June 2 (May 2020)

IOA Webinar: Growing Hemp in Iowa:  Part 2 (Apr 2020)

IOA Webinar: Crop Insurance and Whole Farm Revenue Protection for Organic Producers (Mar 2020)

Growing Organic Expertise - February Workshop Series (Feb 2020)

IOA Webinar: Organic Markets with Mercaris (Jan 2020)


IOA Webinar: The Perennial Fund"New Resources for Organic Transition Loans" (Nov 2019)

IOA 2019 Annual Meeting and Presidential Forum (Nov 2019)

Early Morning Harvest Fall Open House, Panora (Nov 2019)

19th Annual Iowa Organic Conference, Iowa City (Nov 2019)

Growing Organic Expertise – October Workshops Wrap-up (Oct 2019)

Welcome Wendy Johnson to the IOA Team (Jul 2019)