Dakota City Organic Elevator Site Visit & Luncheon - Aug 18 @ 11 a.m.

The Iowa Organic Association, J.E. Meuret Grain Company and Pitman Family Farms are co-hosting a site visit and luncheon on Wednesday, August 18th from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Dakota City Organic Elevator located at 1633 E Ave in Dakota City, Nebraska. The event is open to farmers, businesses and others interested in learning more about organic grain opportunities in the upper Midwest.  The event will showcase this new organic grain facility and includes time for networking, an organic lunch at noon and brief introductions from each of the event co-hosts. 


As the $62B organic market continues to grow, so do options for participating in the organic market.  Farmers are increasingly turning to organic production for market-driven premiums, economic stability and a range of ecosystem benefits.  IOA is excited to share that the Dakota City Organic Elevator is stepping in to meet the growing demand for organic grain from the Midwest; they are now accepting organic corn and soybean crops from producers in the Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota region.  If you would like more information about contracts with this elevator, please contact Jeff Struve at 402-833-6999 or [email protected].

Whole Grains, LLC and the Dakota City Organic Elevator is a partnership between J.E. Meuret Grain Company, a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business since 1923; and Pitman Family Farms, a third-generation family-owned and operated business producing Mary’s Organic, Free-Range, and nonGMO Chickens since 1954. “This partnership provides Midwest organic producers additional market options and year-round rail access for their organic crops”, said John Meuret, co-founder of Whole Grains, LLC, “we look forward to expanding our partnerships and market opportunities with growers in this region.”

The IOA is committed to building a diverse organic community to provide the support, resources and tools needed to succeed in the organic industry.  “Whole Grains, LLC is a great example of how the organic community is collaborating to meet the needs of the organic industry, farmers and consumers”, said Rosalyn Lehman, IOA executive director.

To attend, please RSVP by Friday, August 13th at www.IowaOrganic.org/calendar or by calling 515-412-4802.



J.E. Meuret Grain Co is a family-owned feed mill and livestock operation with strong, long-held ties to the BNSF railroad. The Meurets have developed relationships within the agriculture industry to support local producers and meet consumer demand - this now includes connecting Midwest organic grain producers with organic livestock producers, like Mary's Free Range Chickens. 

Mary's Free-Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Family Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations. Mary’s has always been committed to animal welfare -- they are actively engaged in improving the lives of birds from beginning to end. Though all of Mary's Chickens follow strict animal welfare standards, Don Pitman says Mary's Organic Chickens "do better than the conventional birds they raise.  They perform better and stay healthy...[the only difference] is the organic feed."