IA Listserve

ListServe is an easy way to send an email to a large group of people by simply using one email address. Your message is then distributed to all the subscribers of the list. This saves time, prevents the need for manual address entry, and eliminates the risk of accidentally excluding or including someone.

The Iowa Organic Association established the ListServe to help expand information, resources, expertise and opportunities for organic interests in Iowa, and beyond.

ListServe Rules & Etiquette

Please adhere to the following policies and procedures to keep the ListServe professional, valuable, and useful for all subscribers:

    1. Please respect other subscribers of the “ia organic” ListServe.
    2. The ListServe is intended to be a discussion board.  Please use this ListServe to communicate ORGANIC questions, information, news, resources, events and items of interest to ListServe subscribers.
    3. The ListServe is not moderated and comments made have no review before being sent to all subscribers.
    4. Subscribers are expected to exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit over the ListServe. Please do not use the ListServe to defame or disparage any “ia organic” ListServe participants.  Defamatory, harassing, sexist, racist, obscene, and other offensive communications are not acceptable. If you disagree with someone else's ideas, please communicate with the other person directly.
    5. Do not misrepresent yourself, or in any other way conceal your identity, or post anonymous messages on the ListServe.
    6. Do not alter the content or source of a message that has originated from another person’s computer with the intent to deceive.
    7. Please ensure that the messages you post to this list are appropriate for this list – see #2. Please do not engage in discussions on whether a topic is appropriate or inappropriate for this list. Such discussions take up valuable space on the ListServe, and distract subscribers away from more meaningful discussions.
    8. Please use descriptive headings in the subject line for all messages that you post to the ListServe. At the end of your messages, attach a standard identifier with your name, affiliation, and appropriate contact numbers (phone, e-mail addresses). Do not include drawings, pictures, maps, graphics, etc. in the identifier lines since these materials may not be compatible on all systems.
    9. When answering questions, please respond to the entire list – we hope the “ia organic” ListServe will expand resources, expertise and opportunities for organic interests in Iowa, and beyond. Replies of a personal nature should not be sent to the group.  Replying to the individual may be more appropriate.
    10. IOA reserves the right to remove subscribers from the ListServe for violating these policies.

How to Use ListServe

Sign up for the IOA ListServe

Once subscribed, you can post to IA Organic ListServe by sending an email to: [email protected] 

To unsubscribe or change your preferences, use the links found in the footer of the ListServe emails.