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The Iowa Organic Association (IOA) is a statewide, 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to organic education, advocacy and cooperation. Our membership is a diverse community of Iowa’s organic farmers, gardeners, food and farm businesses, advocates and consumers who are devoted to building a more sustainable Iowa.

Recent News

IOA Field Day: Organic Vegetable Production for Healthy Foods and Healthy Communities with Organic Greens

The Iowa Organic Association will start the 2022 field day season with a Field Day at James Nisly's farm on Friday, June 24th, from 9-1pm. James Nisly started Organic Greens in 1998 to produce food with a focus on flavor and nutrition, and to foster healthy-living by offering wholesome, organic food options within his community. The 13-acre certified organic vegetable farm produces organic sprouts and microgreens, as well as various organic field crops such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and winter squash.

The field day will include a farm tour of the indoor microgreens facility, processing and distribution areas, grazing livestock in the green manure field, various vegetable production plots, a cultivation demo for vegetables ready to harvest, and a farm-to-table lunch prepared with organic ingredients from the farm and local-area producers.


Webinar: FSA Farmer Loan Programs - Tues, May 24 @ 12 p.m.

The Iowa Organic Association is hosting Brian Gossling and Luke Hawkins from the Iowa Farm Service Agency (FSA) for a webinar about a few farmer loan programs offered by FSA. During this webinar you will learn further about the following programs: Farm Storage Facility Loans, Marketing Assistance Loans and Farm Operating Loans.

FSA offers beneficial repayment terms and interest rates, including rates as low as 1.5%. Iowa has the largest FSA loan portfolio in the nation with over $2.3 billion in loans and loan guarantees.



An Intro to Organics Field Day on Aaron Lehman’s Farm, Polk City – Tues, Mar 8; 3:30-5:30 p.m.

The Iowa Organic Association and Aaron Lehman, IFU President and Polk City organic farmer, are hosting an Organic Field Day for Drake University Environmental Regulation in Agriculture law students on Tuesday, March 8 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.  This field day is open to public.

This Organic Field Day will provide college students, farmers and anyone interested, an opportunity to learn from industry experts about the U.S. organic movement, the National Organic Program, Iowa and Midwest organic production options and a range of resources and support for organic transition and certification. Aaron is a fifth-generation family farmer where he and his family grow corn, soybeans, oats, and hay in both organic and conventional rotations. 

Rodale Institute Farming Systems Trials Research Overview with Dr. Yichao Rui

Dr. Rui is a Soil Scientist at Rodale Institute. He also serves as the Research Director of the 40 years’ old FST, the oldest field experiment comparing organic and conventional grain production systems in North America. In this webinar, Dr. Rui will provide an overview of 40 years’ research findings of the FST, with a focus on the impact of organic management on soil health, grain nutrient quality, and profitability of grain cropping systems.


Tending to the Microbial Life of your Soil with Chris Trump

Chris Trump is a world-renown Korean Natural Farming (KNF) educator, a practice using indigenous microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa) to produce fertile soils that yield high output without the use of herbicides or pesticides resulting in improved soil health, loaminess, tilth and structure. Chris is a life-long farmer who brings science and research to farmers, giving them effective and efficient tools for decreasing disease and increasing income using indigenous micro-organisms.


Organic Grass Milk Dairy Farming with Joe Langmeier

Joe, Mike, Keith and Jim Langmeier own and operate Langmeier Dairy, Inc in Prairie Du Chen, Wisconsin.  The Langmeier organic dairy and produce farm has been certified organic for 20 years. Joe will share about their family’s farming journey into organic and their success using dry cow and calf-raising with high-quality forages.


Annual Meeting Member Update - 2021 Progress & 2022 Goals

Roz Lehman, IOA executive director, presented accomplishments from 2021 and what’s on the horizon for 2022 during the 2021 Annual Meeting on December 9, 2021.  She has reproduced this presentation to share an overview with our members and supporters about the programs IOA delivered over the past year (Growing Organic Expertise in Iowa, Field Days, Webinars, outreach, advocacy) and goals for the next year.


Economics of Soil Health Systems with Dr. Elizabeth Rieke

Dr. Elizabeth Rieke is a Soil Microbiome Scientist at the Soil Health Institute focusing on how soil health management practices affect soil microbial structure and function. Dr. Rieke will share methods to measure soil health, how to interpret that data and the economic benefits of adopting soil health management practices. 


Weed Management in an Organic Operation with Matt Miller

Matt Miller is an organic farmer from Bristow, Iowa. Matt has been farming organically for over 20 years and grows corn, soybeans, and oats. The knowledge and experience to manage weeds in an organic system is an essential skill for an organic farmer.  Matt will share his tools of the trade for controlling early season weeds with an overview of the Treffler harrow.  Organic farming becomes much more enjoyable when weeds are managed in a timely, non-toxic and efficient manner. 


Food as Medicine, A Systems Perspective with Dr. Andy Nish

Dr. Andy Nish is currently the Medical Director of John Stoddard Cancer Center and has dedicated his medical career to learning and teaching about how lifestyle changes can improve our health. Dr. Nish covered a wide range of topics about the impact of food production and consumption on human health, but also the impact of current agricultural practices on our food system and the environment. Dr Nish shared ideas for looking toward the future – to help improve the health of all living species on the planet.


IOA Annual Meeting - Dec 9, 2021

Thank you to everyone that attended our 2021 Annual Meeting. We are delighted you were able to be part of our evening. 

Roz Lehman, executive director, presented IOA accomplishments from 2021 and what’s on the horizon for 2022.  Dr. Joel Gruver discussed his organic research and 2021 Field Report, and an IOA Member-organic farmer panel shared the “Impact of organic on the farm and in the community. 


No Spray Field Signs for Sale

Make sure your neighbors and commercial applicators know your farm or land is a NO SPRAY ZONE!

The Iowa Organic Association will have these Organic Farm Do Not Spray signs available to pick up during this year’s winter conferences (Iowa Organic Conference-Nov, IOA Annual Meeting-Dec, Practical Farmers of Iowa-Jan, MOSES-Feb), or we can mail them to you if you can't make it to one of these events. 

Plastic 10x14 = $15

Aluminum 10x14 = $25


Show Your Support with IOA Merch!

We are excited to share two new IOA items with you!

We now have 100% organic cotton t-shirts with an awesome Iowa graphic representing the diversity of our agriculture landscape – they come in green or blue.  

Also, another fan favorite, something to keep you cool or hot, depending on the weather or your mood -- IOA-branded Klean Kanteen 20 oz insulated water bottles with sports cap. 

A portion of each purchase will support the work and mission of IOA.  Visit our Merchandise page for more information and to purchase. Thank you!!


Protect Your Crops From Pesticide Drift and Damage

IOA worked with partners at the Iowa Department of Land Stewardship (IDALS) to develop a postcard to raise awareness about FieldWatch™ registration.  FieldWatch™ is a non-profit that provides online registry tools to promote communication between producers of pesticide-sensitive (i.e. specialty) crops, beekeepers and pesticide applicators.  

The online FieldWatch™ registry supports ongoing stewardship activities to reduce incidences of off-target pesticide exposure. The registries provide state of the art mapping features that provide applicators the locations of registered specialty sites. The boundaries on map entries are user-submitted specialty/sensitive site designations. 

Registration is free and the service is easy to use.  For more information or with questions, contact IDALS at 515-242-6236 or sign-up at https://iowaagriculture.gov/SensitiveCropRegistry.

If you do experience exposure from pesticide drift, contact IDALS Pesticide Bureau at 515-281-8591 or [email protected] as soon as possible to file a report and initiate sample testing.

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