Dr Andy Nish Jan 2021

Food as Medicine, A Systems Perspective with Dr. Andy Nish – Tue, Jan 11th @ 12 p.m.

Please join the Iowa Organic Association and Dr. Andy Nish for the Food as Medicine: A Systems Perspective webinar. Dr. Nish practices Interventional Radiology for 27 years at UnityPoint health in Des Moines. Having seen the ravages of Western, lifestyle related disease, he then began the study of how poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, poor social relationships, environmental toxins and lack of physical movement impacted the health and the health span.

Dr. Nish completed a 2-year fellowship at the Andrew Well Center for Integrative Medicine ad University of Arizona. He currently serves as the Medical Director of John Stoddard Cancer Center and is passionate about teaching the community how lifestyle changes can improve the health and health span of all individuals.

This webinar will cover a wide range of topics concerning the production and consumption of food. It will include the impact of food on human health but also look at the impact of current agricultural practices on our food system as well as the environment in general. The talk will explore the idea of humans and the earth as a single system and how current food production practices have brought us to the brink of a potential catastrophic disaster. The webinar will also present thought-provoking ideas about how to change the current course of human behavior to improve not only human health but the health of all living species on the planet.