IOA Webinar: The Past, Present and the Future of Agriculture: From the Dawn of Agriculture to the Present Day - Tues, June 22 (May 2021)

Dr. Paul received a Bachelor’s of Science and DVM in 1967 from the University of Minnesota. He practiced veterinary medicine at Arcadia Wisconsin for 35 years. As more and more of his clients became organic certified, he changed his conventional practice into organic/sustainable and expanded into the soils world. In 1998, the first tincture was made my Dr. Dettloff, which was the beginning of Dr. Paul’s Lab. He has spent years studying different herbs and has come up with a complete line of tinctures and botanicals to treat various ailments organically/naturally. Dr. Paul is an Industry Consultant on sustainable agriculture, is a staff veterinarian for Organic Valley Coop in Wisconsin and Owner of Dr. Paul’s Lab LLC.

During this webinar Dr. Dettloff discussed the history of agriculture in United States, and lessons/takeaways we can learn from.