IOA Webinar: Organic Corn Breeding Partnership with Dr. Paul Scott

Join IOA with Dr. Paul Scott on February 21st at noon for a presentation on his work with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service's Organic Corn Breeding Partnership! Register below to learn how Dr. Scott’s research team is creating new corn hybrids and varieties for organic producers to increase yields, withstand weed pressure, and resist transgenic pollination through their research in the Midwest and Puerto Rico.


The National Institute of Food and Agriculture has funded public research on organic agriculture through the Organic Research and Education Initiative (OREI) since 2010, including corn breeding research projects focused on developing new varieties for organic corn producers. While different combinations of researchers have participated over the years, some common goals have emerged. Notably, their breeding programs focus on traits important to organic corn producers such as nutritional quality, genetic purity, and native resistance to disease and insect pressure. This webinar will focus on one current OREI-funded corn breeding team including Dr. Paul Scott of USDA-ARS, Dr. Thomas Lubberstedt of Iowa State University, Dr. Angela Linares Ramirez of the University of Puerto Rico, and Dr. Martin Bohn of the University of Illinois. Dr. Scott will also discuss their project’s Organic Corn Breeding Boot Camp in Puerto Rico, where the team collaborates with organic farmers and researchers at their winter nursery site.


Dr. Paul Scott has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Agronomy Department of Purdue University and did postdoctoral research in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Lincoln, Nebraska. He is currently stationed on the ISU campus in Ames, Iowa, and works with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service as a Research Geneticist. For the past 27 years, he has investigated the genetic control of grain quality in maize. His recent research focuses on nutritional quality and genetic purity.


This webinar is free to attend. A link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed with registration confirmation.

We look forward to seeing you on February 21st! 


February 21, 2024 at 12:00pm - 1pm
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