To Till or Not to Till? Building Soil Organically - a workshop for ag advisors by OATS in Keota - July 18, 2022

Iowa Organic Association in collaboration with the Organic Agronomy Training Services (OATS) hosted a full day workshop and field day at The Wooden Wheel Winery and Levi Lyle's farm in Keota, Iowa focused on organic production and how tillage is used to protect and enhance the soil on organic field crop farms. Presenters and a farmer panel shared information about how tillage is used (and not used) to protect and enhance the soil on organic field crop farms.

After lunch we gathered at Levi's farm to learn about his organic production plan in his organic soybean fields and how he uses cover crops, a roller crimper and weed zapper to manage weeds in the field. Kathleen Delate shared about the research she and Levi have been conducting since 2020 in organic no-till corn and soybean production. We ended the day on a high note with Levi and his daughter sharing their musical talents - what a special treat!  

Thank you to OATS for coordinating and cooperating with IOA to deliver this full day workshop and farm tour! Thanks to Levi for his time and generosity in preparing and hosting us at his farm. And thank you to the many organic experts who provided valuable insight and information to the program: Mallory Kreiger, Dr. Joel Gruver, Doug Alert, Eric Madsen, Matt Leavitt and Dr. Kathleen Delate. 

Cafe Doldici from Washington, Iowa prepared an outstanding local, organic meal for our guests which included organic ingredients from Blueberry Bottom, Levi Lyle, Jonai Miller, Lorraine's Garden and Golden Delight Bakery.