Virtual Field Day: Early Season Organic Weed Control

IOA is partnering with Practical Farmers of Iowa to deliver an Early Season Organic Weed Control virtual field day.

In this virtual field day, Matt will show video of various passes of tine harrows and rotary hoes he made through the field earlier in June, and then we’ll take a live look at the field. He’ll also go over why and when he uses particular pieces of equipment, as well as the adjustments he makes. Learn about a European tine harrow Matt says is uncommon in Iowa but is starting to gain more attention.

Host: Matt Miller

The Farm: Matt Miller farms near Bristow, Iowa, and has been certified organic since 2000. His current operation is around 1,000 acres, which are split between organic and conventional crops. His organic crop rotation consists of corn, oats and clover, corn and soybeans.


  • Mechanical weed control
  • Tine harrow
  • Rotary hoe

Format: Virtual Field Day

Platform: Facebook Live

Register: here


June 25, 2020 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm