Virtual Field Day: Live Roller-Crimper and Weed Zapper Demonstration (Part 1)

IOA is a sponsor of Practical Farmers of Iowa's "Live Roller-Crimper and Weed Zapper Demonstration" virtual field day (2-part series).

Watch Levi Lyle roll-crimp a cereal rye cover crop with a dual-purpose goal in mind: 1) terminate the cover crop without herbicide or tillage and 2) lay down the cover crop as a mulch for weed control.

Levi is a partner on a project investigating reduced tillage in organic crop production systems. The project is headed by Dr. Kathleen Delate of Iowa State University.

On July 2 we'll take another look at the field with Levi and he'll also demo an electric Weed Zapper. 

Host: Levi Lyle | Levi’s Indigenous Fruit Enterprises

The Farm: Levi Lyle operates Indigenous Fruit Enterprises near Keota, Iowa, through which he seeks to contribute to the profitability and sustainability of small farms. Levi and his wife Jill also distribute fresh aronia berries and aronia honey to local markets. Levi works as an organic inspector for the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

Topics: Roller-crimping cover crops and reduced tillage for organic

Format: Virtual Field Day (#1 of 2 in Series)

Platform: Facebook Live



June 02, 2020 at 1:30pm - 2pm


Virtual Field Day